Equine Oxyshot

Equine Oxyshot® may help to suppprt stress and anxiety quickly and improve concentration. 

Oxyshot, The No.1 Instant Horse Calmer

Equine Oxyshot increases blood oxygen levels to optimise performance, stamina, concentration, calmness, recovery and relaxed energy of your horse.

A calm horse has a more willing and able attitude, Equine OxyShot uses natural ingredients to reduce the anxiety and tension in uptight horses and ponies. Oxygen has the unique ability to assist concentration and focus making riding and handling horses safer and more enjoyable. there is no build up required for maximum effect, simply use it when you need it.

Equine Oxyshot contains de-ionised water, A minimum amount of naturally formed sodium chloride (in the form of Sea Salt) and a minimum of 15% v.v of charged stabilised oxygen (CSO2™) at manufacture.

500ml - $58.25

1000ml $110.00



What’s special about Equine Oxyshot?

• It provides significant amounts of additional oxygen to the bloodstream
• It is non-toxic, drug free and does not contain any banned substances
• It is made naturally without the use of dangerous chemical compounds
• It’s the safe, easy way to give your horse or animal every chance by providing
extra oxygen
• It is a SUPER STRENGTH concentrate, containing at least 150,000 ppm usable

oxygen (tap water typically contains 6 - 10 ppm oxygen)

Equine Oxyshot Composition

• Contains stabilized diatomic oxygen in an aqueous water and saline solution
• The ingredients of Equine Oxyshot are: >84% De Ionized Water, 15% Dissolved diatomic
oxygen, and <1% Sodium Chloride (Atlantic Sea Salt) NaCl.
• A world breakthrough in providing a pH balanced oxygen supplement of about pH 7.9