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Equine OxyShot® helps to suppprt stress and anxiety quickly and may help to improve concentration. 


What are the ingredients in Equine Oxyshot?

Equine  Oxyshot  contains  de-ionized  water,  a  small amount of sodium chloride (in the form of Sea Salt) and at
least 15% v/v of diatomic oxygen at manufacture.

What’s special about Equine Oxyshot?

  1. It provides significant amounts of additional oxygen to the bloodstream
  2. It is non-toxic, drug free and does not contain any banned substances
  3. It is made naturally without the use of dangerous chemical compounds
  4. It’s the safe, easy way to give your horse or animal every chance by providing extra oxygen
  5. It is a SUPER STRENGTH concentrate, containing at least 150,000 ppm usable oxygen (tap water typically contains 6 - 10 ppm oxygen)
  6. It is easily administered orally

Equine Oxyshot Composition

  1. Contains stabilized diatomic oxygen in an aqueous water and saline solution
  2. The ingredients of Equine Oxyshot are: >84% De Ionized Water, 15% Dissolved diatomic oxygen, and <1% Sodium Chloride (Atlantic Sea Salt) NaCl.
  3. A world breakthrough in providing a pH balanced oxygen supplement of about pH 7.9

How is it taken?

  1. Very simply - squirt 25mls at a time behind tongue using a syringe. It can also be diluted in distilled water
  2. For best results, administer 30 minutes before training
  3. For best absorption, administer at least two hours after food and half an hour before food

How does it work?

  1. Equine Oxyshot provides massive amounts of bio-available, stabilized oxygen molecules which are absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach and the intestinal lining
  2. Once in the bloodstream, the oxygen makes its normal way into the cells of the body
  3. Stabilized oxygen is a high concentration of oxygen in its molecular form, i.e.. like the oxygen breathed from the atmosphere into the lungs

Who should use Equine Oxyshot?

  1. Particularly suitable for highly trained racing and competitive animals such as:
    1. Thoroughbreds
    2. Harness racing
    3. Equestrian
    4. Cross country

What difference will it make for the trainer?

  1. It is 15% v/v (volume to volume) bio absorbable oxygen so it has many benefits for all racing and competitive animals
  2. Allows animals to train at their peak consistently, giving them much more oxygen to last the distance
  3. Using Equine Oxyshot in training can assist them to perform strongly even through the non-breathing final stretches of races
  4. Using Equine Oxyshot between events is essential

Does it comply with Health & Drug regulations?

  1. It is a dietary supplement which contains no substances regulated by the FDA, EPA, TGA or APVMA
  2. It is non-toxic and is 100% safe to use

What about Toxicity & Health Hazards?

  1. Equine Oxyshot is 100% naturally made and pH balanced
  2. It contains no chlorine or other toxic halogen compounds

Are there any medical benefits?

  1. Equine Oxyshot is not marketed as a medical supplement
  2. However, the benefits of oxygen are well documented and have been researched extensively

How is it made?

  1. Derived from NASA-based technology
  2. Equine Oxyshot is manufactured without the use of chemical salts or other chemicals using a process called Bio Electrical Manufacture (BEM)
  3. The sole active ingredient in Equine Oxyshot is dissolved diatomic oxygen molecules

No dangers from drug testing

  1. Oxyshot has been tested by the Australian Government Analytical Laboratory at its IOC accredited facilities.
  2. The product was analyzed for stimulants, narcotics, diuretics, anabolic agents, corticosteroids and the metabolite of cannabis.
  3. No banned substances were detected.

Is there any scientific technical data to support Equine Oxyshot?

  1. A test by Sydney University found a 24% increase in the partial pressure of oxygen in the arterial blood 30 minutes after administering Equine Oxyshot.
  2. A test by Sydney University found a reduction in venous TCO2 after administering Equine Oxyshot (This product is NOT a “milkshake”).
  3. A research reports by Professor Sillence of Charles Sturt University has demonstrated a 4.5% increase in the blood oxygen levels on 10 horses given only a relatively small dose of the much weaker 5% strength product - not our Super Strength 15% v/v product.
  4. A scientific paper* written by Dr James Berg, Ph D, Dept of Medical Microbiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine explains in scientific terms the method of action, and much more interesting material on free radicals. *In“TheSearchforHealth(USA)October1988issue.
  5. Further tests and research from Japan, USA & Australia available on request.

Care of the Product

  1. Store in a cool place
  2. Keep out of direct sunlight
  3. Do not freeze
  4. Use plastic containers, not metal
  5. Do not mix Equine Oxyshot with other products

In what forms is Equine Oxyshot available?

  1. In 500ml and 1L plastic bottles and 20L drums for the equine sports industry

Are there any side effects when administering Equine Oxyshot?

There are no known side effects.

Will Equine Oxyshot interfere with any nutritional supplements or medications?


Can you administer Equine Oxyshot and other nutritional supplements or medications at the same time? To obtain the maximum benefits, it is preferred and recommended to administer Equine Oxyshot on an empty stomach 30 minutes before feeding or other administration of nutritional supplements or medications.

Is Equine Oxyshot pH balanced?

Yes. Equine Oxyshot is balanced to a slightly alkaline state which is beneficial to the body.

How much oxygen is actually in Equine Oxyshot?

It contains at least 150,000 parts per million of stabilized bio-available di-atomic oxygen at manufacture.

What is the shelf life of Equine Oxyshot?

It is about 8 months for an opened bottle and 2 years for an unopened bottle.

What is the difference between Equine Oxyshot and hydrogen peroxide or other oxygen supplements?Equine Oxyshot should not be confused with the Chemical Chlorite compounds which are available on the market and which represent an older, now outdated approach to providing oxygen supplements. Equine Oxyshot is a liquid solution which contains intact oxygen molecules ready for immediate absorption; the older Chlorite type compounds must first come into contact with the acid in the stomach before oxygen is released by way of a vigorous chemical reaction. Also, Equine Oxyshot should not be confused with hydrogen perox- ide, a compound which can cause problems if not administered properly and with appropriate care.