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HealthWise® & OxyMin®

brands of unsurpassed quality

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OxyMin® OleA High Strength Olive Leaf Extract

Did you know OxyMin® OleA promotes a Healthy Heart?!

500ml - $36.40

500ml. $ 36.40


HealthWise® Colostrum Super Food

Pure Pharmaceutical Grade

300gr. - $59.95

1 Kg. - $165.00


HealthWise® LactoBOOST
The No. 1 immune boosting supplement is back
 & just got even better ..and more economical!! ...


120cps - $59.05


Omega Boost
We believe it is important for the whole family to ensure they have adequate supplies of essential fatty acids.

240cps - $24.95



OxyMin® Spirulina & Chlorella Blend

the ultimate green food rich in essential nutrients.

500gr. - $46.75

1000gr. - $79.95


OxyMin® Spirulina - Pure Organically Grown

Spirulina is organically grown and cultivated under controlled conditions.

500gr. - $36.70

1000gr. - $59.95


MSM Pure Organic Biological SulphurMSM is an abbreviation for Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane.

MSM is also called organic or biological sulphur

500gr. - $46.75

1000gr. - $79.50


OxyMin® Chlorella Powder Cell Wall Broken

'Broken Wall' Chlorella delivers 100% pure Chlorella: naturally cultivated in clean

500gr. - $58.95

1000gr. - $99.95


OxyMin® Pure Calcium Ascorbate

is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade Calcium Ascorbate micro-crystalline...

500gr. - $45.70

1000gr. - $79.95


OxyMin® Flex Liquid Bovine Tracheal Cartilage

 Highly concentrated liquid bovine tracheal cartilage

200ml. - $47.73

1000gr. - $99.95


OxyMin® Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder

100% pure pharmaceutical grade Ascorbic Acid micro-crystalline

500gr. - $46.00

1000gr. - $79.95


OxyMin® Pure Sodium Ascorbate Powder

100% pure pharmaceutical grade Sodium Ascorbate micro-crystalline

500gr. - $45.40

1000gr. - $76.68

Calcium MagnesiumOxyMin® CalM 230g Highly Absorbable Calcium & Magnesium

230gr - $39.25

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