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Wonder Foods Tangy Vitamin C With Hesperidin Plus Minerals

Every body needs to take a Vitamin C supplement as food is no longer picked and eaten fresh, together with the extra stress of modern day living, we now require additional supplements to support our immune system. Wonder Foods is the best balanced , best tasting and most economical vitamin C powder available today.

Packed with Bioflavanoids, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Silica to support the whole body, assisting in detoxification, repairing of collagen as well as being a Antioxidant.

4 grams (1 teaspoon) deliver 2 grams of Vitamin C 

Each 2 grams contain: Ascorbic Acid - 800 mg Calcium ascorbate - 200 mg Hesperidin - 190 mg Calcium phosphate - 100 mg Magnesium phosphate - 190 mg Zinc sulfate monohydrate - 2.9 mg Natural Lemon Flavour

Contains Glucose & Fructose Free of yeast, salt, corn products, wheat products (gluten), artificial sweeteners and flavouring, sucrose and lactose. Store below 30’C. Keep container tightly capped to protect from moisture. Directions: Adults 2 grams (half a level metric teaspoon) daily, Children 2-12: Half adult dose. When stirred in a glass of water, mineral water or fruit juice, makes a tangy citrus tasting drink. Note: Vitamin supplementation can only be of assistance if the dietary vitamin intake is inadequate.


200gr. $ 19.85