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Stevia Liquid Extract

The ideal liquid sweetener for those who whish to avaid refined sugar

STEVIA is an herb that is 200 times as sweet as sugar and offers no carbohydrate or caloric value!

Stevia is a sweet natural herb extract from the leaf of Stevia Rebaudiana that does not contain calories. Stevia assist in maintaining a healthy digestive system by nourishing the pancreas and maintaining a healthy pancreatic function.  Stevia may assist to lower blood pressure in Hypertensive patients.  Stevia may be used instead of toothpaste.  Two drops on your toothbrush may help prevent the formation of plaque that leads to Tooth Decay.

Stevia is the ideal substitute for those who wish to avoid refined sugars. The extensive research on reducing the slightly licorice-type aftertaste of this herb has produced a product which can be used and enjoyed freely. The liquid Stevia concentrate can be used in any beverage and on cereals to add sweetness. 6-8 drops of the liquid Stevia are equal to 1 tsp. of white granulated sugar.

Stevia Drops contain added chromium to further assist the pancreas and may reduce cravings for sweets, also may help elevated levels in the blood.

(There are approximately 1100 drops in 50 ml)


AUD 9.25 ea.