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Oxyrich - Concentrated Liquid Oxygen Supplements

For better health, try Oxryich supplements, which help boost the body’s Oxygen levels.

Oxyrich supplements increase Oxygen in the body while helping the body maintain healthy levels of essential vitamins and minerals. Oxygen is one of the human body’s most vital elements and it’s important to keep your Oxygen supplements levels healthy.


Supplements such as Oxyrich can help restore the Oxygen to your body.

Oxryich is the result of a refined process of stabilising Oxygen , originally developed by NASA in the 1980s. Reach For Life can now offer supplements that offer a powerful Oxygen boost.

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How it can help you

Oxygen is the most vital element to the human body. 90% of of our body's life energy is created by Oxygen supplements. Insufficient Oxygen means insufficient biological resources which can result in ailments ranging from mild fatigue to life threatening diseases. Oxyrich, from Reach for Life , provides a highly effective solution to one of our most perplexing problems: How to feed our bodies more Oxygen thus allowing our bodies to more effectively oxidize and metabolize life and health giving nutrients.

Safe and Enviromentally Friendly

Oxyrich is manufactured using proprietary technology without the use of chemicals, it does not contain any banned substances. At manufacture Oxyrich contains no less than 5% v/v of pure di-atomic Oxygen supplements in a base of De-Ionised Grander Living Water and unrefined Atlantic Sea Salt .Oxyrich is pH balanced, therefore safe to use undiluted directly on skin or mucous membranes.


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Oxygen supplements as a Dietary Supplement


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Oxygen supplements Therapies
a power point presentation by Glen Gillard Dip.NT



A Healthy person would use 25 drops, up to 3 ml. undiluted or in glass of water three times a day. For acute situations use 5ml 3 times a day.

OxyRich is:

  • Non-toxic
  • Drug free
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • pH balanced

Oxygen may be depleted in the body through such factors as:

  • Smoking
  • Air travel
  • Ageing
  • Emotional stress
  • Physical over-exertion
  • Living in a polluted atmosphere
  • Inconsistent diet and poor food choices

The symptoms of Oxygen deficiency can include:

  • Overall body weakness
  • Muscle aches
  • Feeling ‘flat’ and listless
  • Fatigue
  • Impaired cognitive functions

OxyRich works to:

  1. Help alleviate fatigue
  2. Maximise natural mental clarity
  3. Top up energy levels and;
  4. Plays a role in evading other deficiencies

Who may find benefit from taking OxyRich? Just about everyone! Especially:

  1. Smokers
  2. Air travellers
  3. Short distance and long haul drivers
  4. People who have high stress lives and jobs
  5. Active people of all ages
  6. People who live, work or play in unhealthy environments
  7. It’s also a great boost after a night on the grog!

Oxyrich is manufactured using proprietary technology without the use of chemicals, it does not contain any banned substances. At manufacture Oxyrich contains no less than 5% v/v of pure di-atomic Oxygen in a base of De-Ionised Grander Living Water and unrefined Atlantic Sea Salt. Oxyrich is pH balanced, therefore safe to use undiluted directly on skin or mucous membranes.

Dosage: A Healthy person would use 25 drops, up to 3 ml. undiluted or in glass of water three times a day. For acute situations use 5ml 3 times a day.

Chemical Description: De-Ionised Water, sodium chloride (unrefined Atlantic Sea Salt) and stabilised diatomic Oxygen molecules (O2)

Appearance (liquid): Liquid, non-viscous

Colour (Gardner): no colour, clear

Odor: mild chloride smell

Density (g/cm3): 1.08

Specific Gravity: 1.08

pH: (d25’ C): 7.6-8.2

Flash Point (C): N/A

Solubility: water, alcohol, and all non- petroleum solvents.

Acute Oral Toxicology: None

Dermal Toxicity: None

Inhalation Toxicity: None

Eye Irritation: Full strength, none. No eye injury.

Efficacy Tests conducted

  • Aspergillus flavius ATCC 9643
  • Aspergillus niger ATCC 16404
  • Escherichia coli ATCC 8739
  • Escherichia coli O157:H7 ATCC 43985
  • Candida albicans ATCC 10231
  • Pseudomonas aerguinosa ATCC 15442
  • Pseudomonas aerguinosa ATCC 9027
  • Salmonella choleraesuis ATCC 10708
  • Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538

Independent Analysis: SGS U.S. Testing Company, Inc., Fairfield, NJ Nelson Laboratories, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT

OxyrichTM is a broad spectrum antimicrobial solution created from water and sodium chloride (Atlantic Sea Salt) in a proprietary manufacturing process





Oxygen Therapies

- An Introduction to Oxygen supplements as a Dietary Supplement

Presented by Glen Gillard
 Dip.NT (gov. accred), C.E.C.H., Ird, M.C.M.A

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Time and time again the question is asked:
What function does Stabilised Oxygen supplements carry out in our body;
and why are electrolytes of Oxygen supplements so effective in helping the body to rid itself of a variety of ailments or detrimental conditions?
To answer these questions one must first understand the importance of Oxygen supplements and its multitude of functions and effects within our bodies.

The following contents are from a lecture, presented by Glen Gillard, to a group of esteemed health care professionals in Shanghai in May 2010. This Information has been compiled from a variety of researches that are mostly immanent practitioners and scientists, plus my personal clinical experience as a naturopath, working with Oxygen supplements therapies for over 20 years.

Note: The content of this is not offered as medical advice, and should not be considered to be medical advice under any circumstances. If you have a medical condition, you should always seek the advice of a medical practitioner. Never disregard medical advice or delay seeking it, because of the content of this presentation. Your reliance provided by the author of this flyer, is solely at your own risk, neither the author nor the publisher can be held responsible, for the improper or in-appropriate use or application of any of the content, by any person.

The purpose of this document is to encourage you to seek education about the benefits of Oxygen supplements supplementation and therapies, and look more closely at what the experts say in their reference material.

The writer does not give any product warranty, and will not accept any errors and omissions that may have occurred in compiling this booklet of information found in the public domain and the writings and opinions of others, who may be regarded as authorities on Oxygen supplements and Oxygen supplements therapies.

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● For almost 50 years, researchers and health practitioners have observed that patients using all forms of Oxygen supplements based therapies (including Oxygen supplements supplements) have experienced improved health and well-being.
● How can the most abundant element on earth provide, what many professionals have reported, such remarkable physiological benefits? To answer this question, we first have to understand just what Oxygen supplements is and how important Oxygen supplements is to a healthy body.

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Oxygen supplements CHEMISTRY

● Oxygen supplements is one of the five basic elements of all life (Oxygen supplements, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur) and is colorless, tasteless and odorless.
● None of these five basic elements, or any other element for that matter, is as abundant as Oxygen supplements.
● In addition, only Oxygen supplements is capable of combining with almost every other element and is essential in combustion.
● The earth’s crust is estimated to be 49.2% Oxygen supplements by weight;
● Almost 20% of our atmosphere is Oxygen supplements and the rest is nitrogen;
● Oxygen supplements constitutes almost 85% of sea water, 47% of dry soil, 42% of all vegetation, 46% of ingenious rocks and over 65% of the human body.

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Oxygen supplements – THE BASIS

● No other element is as important as atomic Oxygen supplements (with its eight electrons per atom.)
● Oxygen supplements is absolutely critical to the life processes of all living creatures.
● Oxygen supplements is brought to the lungs by respiration where it diffuses from the air into the blood stream through over 140 square meters of internal lung surface area
● Do we get enough Oxygen supplements into our blood stream?
● And if we don’t, what happens to our cells and vital organs when they are denied an adequate supply of Oxygen supplements?
● These are vital questions that scientists and researchers have debated for many years.
● Let’s look at some of their conclusions.


Time and Time again the questions are asked:

◆ What function does Stabilized Oxygen supplements carry out in the body?
◆ Why are electrolytes of Oxygen supplements so effective in helping the body to rid itself of a variety of ailments or detrimental conditions?
◆ To answer these questions one must first understand the importance of Oxygen supplements and its multitude of functions and effects within our bodies.

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● Human blood has three main components:
- plasma
- white blood cells
- red blood cells
● Our blood will settle into three distinct layers if left in a test tube:
- The red blood cells, the most numerous in the blood stream will settle on the bottom.
- White blood cells, including lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, basophils, neutrophils and platelets, will form a thin white line in the middle.
- A deep yellowish, watery plasma will float        to the top.
● 25% to 35% of the Oxygen supplements is consumed by normal cellular metabolism.
● If, however the body undergoes exertion, stress, or any other prolonged physical activity, this "reserve" can drop to 20% to 25%.
● Thus, if you can raise the amount of Oxygen supplements dissolved in the plasma, you will increase the amount of Oxygen supplements that gets to the cells and that can become a part of the Oxygen supplements “reserve”.

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● An amazing statement was included in the research by Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, M.D. in his medical text The Textbook of Medical Physiology.
● He wrote: ‘all chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from a lack of Oxygen supplements at the cell level’
● In his research, Dr. Guyton discovered that in order for our cells to get their Oxygen supplements from the blood stream, the cells must be in what he described as a ‘ dry state’.
● In this condition there will be no excess fluid around the cells. There is only enough fluid to fill the crevices around the cells.
● Dr. Guyton believed, as well as most of the medical profession, that as long as the fluid around the cells was at the proper water level, contained the right mineral balance, and was free of toxic wastes, the cells would continue to live, function and grow in a healthy manner.

Why a Lack of Adequate Oxygen supplements is the cause of almost all chronic pain & suffering.
Considerable research on why healthy cells need Oxygen supplements to create the "energy" for the life process has been done by Dr. Otto Warburg .
He received two Nobel Peace Prizes for Medicine based on his research findings on the importance of Oxygen supplements to cellular life.

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◆ Healthy cells in the body, break down the carbohydrates we eat into simple glucose sugars.
◆ The glucose is then stored in the cells.
◆ The cells, when they need energy to perform their functions, (reproduction, heat etc.) take the stored glucose and in a chemical reaction with Oxygen supplements, create ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) which becomes, as described by Dr. Warburg, " the pure energy of the cell."
◆ If there is a lack of Oxygen supplements at the cellular level, no life process can take place and the cell dies.
◆ But Dr. Warburg discovered that a poor supply of Oxygen supplements is also detrimental to the cell.
◆ When cells lack the right amount of Oxygen supplements, the glucose in these cells begins to ferment and a chain reaction starts taking place.
◆ Instead of living off the ATP, the cells begins to live off the fermentation of the stored glucose.
◆ Dr. Warburg’s research adds further emphasis to these findings.
◆ He stated that sub-optimal Oxygen supplementsation of tissues and cells seen in cellular hypoxia is not only the underlying cause of diseases, like cancer, but also results in a predisposition towards degenerative diseases.
◆ The lack of Oxygen supplements is the outstanding factor in immuno depressive illnesses.
◆ Thus, all three researchers conclude, an increased Oxygen supplementsation of the bloodstream and cells will enhance and may restore overall health.

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The Breakdown of the Immune System

● Dr, Stephen Levine, a well respected molecular biologist and geneticist and Dr. M. Kidd completed research that confirmed that: Oxygen supplements is the source of life to all cells.
The constant abuse we subject our bodies because of our eating and drinking habits, as well as a lack of exercise, robs precious Oxygen supplements from our bodies.
 This situation is further complicated by pollutants and toxic preservatives in our water, food and the air we breathe.
● Dr. Kidd wrote: "Oxygen supplements plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system." especially as it relates to the system’s resistance to disease, bacteria, and viruses.

● Dr. Levine added: We can look at Oxygen supplements deficiency as the single great cause of all diseases.
● It is believed, and supported by a great deal of research, that a shortage of Oxygen supplements in the blood could very well be the starting point for the breakdown of the immune system.
● According to Dr. Levine, "Oxygen supplements nutrition" optimises the concentration of Oxygen supplements in relation to a natural food diet.
● In other words, the amount of Oxygen supplements in relation to food density is the key for excellent cell metabolism.
● Dr. Levine went further to show that complex carbohydrates are Oxygen supplements rich foods.
● The complex carbohydrates include vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts. (fruits are too high in simple sugars to be classified as complex carbohydrates.)

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The Oxidation Process

● Oxygen supplements is used by the cells in many processes that break down excesses of toxic substances in the body.
● This process of combining a substance with Oxygen supplements at the cellular level is called "oxidation".
● Dr. Levine describes oxidation this way: Oxygen supplements provides the spark of life.
● Nutrients provide the fuel for burning.
● The correct fuel/Oxygen supplements mixture is required for the best of health.
● A lack of Oxygen supplements in proper amounts prevents oxidation and Oxygen supplementsation, two processes that energise the cells to biological regeneration.
● These processes are the very foundation of life and death.
● If the normal environment of the cells is maintained, it will not lose its growth and reproduction potential.
● Poor Oxygen supplements supplies will result in poor oxidation. Poor oxidation results in increased cell contamination.
● Oxygen supplements is a vital cell detoxifier. When body Oxygen supplements levels are deficient, toxins build and may eventually devastate the body functions and deplete the body of life giving energy.
● Without Oxygen supplements, there can be no nourishment. Without nourishment, there can be no heat or energy and the body cannot purify itself.
● A body with an excellent Oxygen supplements supply, and an unhindered development of the oxidating and Oxygen supplementsation metabolic processes, will be considered healthy and sound. (sound health)

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Why Oxygen supplements Deficiency, or Oxygen supplements Starvation can be the single greatest Cause of Disease.

◆ When there is insufficient Oxygen supplements to support the health of a cell, the cell turns to another source of energy, usually sugar fermentation.
◆ This is an undesirable source of energy which upsets the metabolism of the cell. It causes the cell to start manufacturing improper chemicals, and soon a whole group of cells is unhealthy and weak.

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Why Pain is caused by a Lack of Oxygen supplements.

Dr. C. Samuel West, a specialist in the science of lymphology and a distinguished member of the International Society of Lymphology, has proven that food present in cells without enough Oxygen supplements will turn into toxic waste and fat. The less Oxygen supplements present in the cells, the more pain we experience.

● Dr. West is a strong advocate of exercise since a lack of exercise reduces circulation and thus the transfer of Oxygen supplements to the cells.
● This leads to high blood pressure and fluid retention.
● As mentioned previously, it is the lack of A.T.P. (Addenison Tri-Phosphate) that causes the glucose in the cells to ferment, creating an anaerobic (without Oxygen supplements) condition.
● This upsets the metabolic process of the cell.
● These cells, lacking sufficient Oxygen supplements, start manufacturing improper chemicals and soon these cells and their surrounding cells become weak and unhealthy.
● If prolonged, the entire immune system may start breaking down.

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Chain Reaction

◆ As meat and dairy foods, which are high in cholesterol, break down (dissolve) in our stomach and intestine, poisonous by-products are manufactured.
◆ These by-products dilate (widen or expand) the capillaries making the distance that the water has to travel to and from the cells much greater.
◆ The greater the distance that the fluids must travel, in the same amount of time, the less toxins, waste products poisons etc. are transferred back out of the cells and into the blood stream.
◆ The waste products, toxins, etc. start to accumulate in the cells.
◆ The stretched capillary walls allow the blood proteins to escape and lodge themselves between the cells.
◆ The trapped proteins permit the accumulation of excess fluids around the cells.
◆ This prevents the cells from getting the Oxygen supplements they need and so the glucose begins to ferment resulting in electrical changes as the mineral and salt balances change.
◆ The Oxygen supplements-rich red blood cells carry a negative electrical charge.
◆ They travel through the capillaries single file.
◆ As the capillaries dilate and the electrical balance of our body changes because of a lack of Oxygen supplements, these red blood cells are now dispersed over a greater volume in the capillaries, and are unable to travel the now greater distances to the cells.
◆ To further complicate matters, the red blood cells, because of the electrical change, begin to clump together to cause a microscopic traffic jam in the capillaries, which in turn further dilates the capillary pores and allows more blood proteins to escape and lodge in the spaces around the cells.
◆ This produces more fluid around the cells and the process repeats itself until the cells begin to die because of a lack of Oxygen supplements.

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Effective Preventive Alternatives

◆ Most individuals when they are sick turn to conventional medicines to correct the problem.
◆ Researchers have learned however, that many effective cures for illnesses have side effects.
◆ Antibiotics, for example, are effective for removing pathogenic bacteria from the body.
◆ Many thousands of lives have been saved from bacterial infections by using penicillin as well as other antibiotics.
◆ Yet, many studies indicate the possibility that recent drastic increase of Candida albicans yeast infections is primarily due to wide spread use of antibiotics as prescriptions for humans.

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Oxygen supplements, A Vital component of Chi

◆ Oxygen supplements is a catalyst for nutrient transfer, distribution and utilization.
◆ Energetically, this is a vital component of kidney, spleen, lung and triple burner organ systems and the chi and yang of the body in the movement and distribution of post natal (acquired) chi and fluids to the body.  Oxygen supplements helps reduce damp and phlegm, which can improve the flow of Chi.
◆ Re-establishing the natural Oxygen supplementsation of water and food tonifies and assists the Chi and this is seen clinically with increases in energy and improvements in cellular respiration & function and improvement in peripheral circulation.
◆ Effective blood flow via the capillaries is the system of delivering Oxygen supplements to tissues for cellular energy.  The Chi energy is understood to disassociate the ionic bonds from a variety of salts within the blood.
◆ This release of energy travels via the capillary beds increasing their pulsing and dilation to allow better flow of red blood cells through the finest of vessels.
◆ Without adequate (PO2) partial pressure of Oxygen supplements the phenomena of Chi and disassociation of minerals and microcirculation is impeded. Combining Oxygen supplements supplementation with acupuncture has shown to sustain the Chi for longer periods.
● A lack of cellular ATP drastically alters the body’s sodium - potassium balance in the individual cells, in the bloodstream, and in the fluid that surrounds the cells.
● This chemical change also alters and reduces the "electrical fields" in the cells and the blood stream.
● Once this electrical change occurs, minerals begin to "fall out" of the fluids surrounding the cells and the bloodstream and start sticking together in what is called mineral deposits. If these minerals settle in the joints, arthritis occurs, in the eyes cataracts occur. When they settle in the arteries, we describe the process hardening of the arteries.
● Our muscles also respond to electrical charges sent by the brain. These messages tell the muscles to contract or release.
● Anything that upsets this delicate and intricate electrical transfer of energy, as does a lack of adequate ATP which in turn is caused by a lack of Oxygen supplements in the cells, will cause the muscles to spasm and work or respond poorly.

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● Oxygen supplements plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the Immune System.
It is the source of life and energy to all cells.
● Bodily abuse through eating and drinking habits including pollutants and toxic preservative in our water and food, air pollution, use of drugs and the lack of exercise can greatly reduce the amount of Oxygen supplements available to the cells.
● When there is insufficient Oxygen supplements to support the health of a cell, the cell turns to another source of energy, usually sugar fermentation.
● This is an undesirable source of energy which upsets the metabolism of the cell. It causes the cell to start manufacturing improper chemicals, and soon a whole group of cells is unhealthy and weak.
● The use of antibiotics, particularly such broad spectrum ones as tetracycline, provide a short term relief of infection but are countered by a possible long term negative effect.
● The antibiotics may not be killing the target bacteria, but may be converting them to pleomorphic forms (L forms), which may not only reactive at a later date, but may continue to produce toxins which can lead to a URS condition (Universal Reactor Syndrome).
● The conversion of bacteria to such L forms may be providing symptomatic relief, but at the same time setting the stage for a later pathology.
The mechanism of Stabilised Oxygen supplements involves the utilisation of chlorite by the cells, particularly leukocytes, as a substrate to increase the efficiency of a group of enzymes known as peroxidases.
These enzymes are an important component within the immune system since they are involved in the oxidation of foreign material (e.g. Viruses).
● At the Science Research Centre of Abilene. Texas USA in May, 1984, Stabilised Oxygen supplements was tested against five intestinal pathogens:
            - SalmonellaTyphl 
            - Viberia cholerae  
- Campylobacter fetus  
- ss jejuni & Escherichia coli 
● All of these micro-organisms are common water born pathogens which cause the majority of acute gastrointestinal illnesses and are responsible for the deaths of a large number of children in many countries where untreated water is used.
● One study showed that Stabilised Oxygen supplements can be used effectively to treat contaminated water and the amount of material needed to effectively destroy all pathogens is dependent on the amount of organic matter found in the water and also on the total amount of bacteria present.
● In the manner that other dietary vitamin and mineral supplements enhance different body functions, Stabilised Oxygen supplements can act as a supplement to the body’s total function by adding oxidation potential.
● Since its action occurs at a fundamental cellular level, it may assist the body to fight a variety of infectious agents.
● Research has also determined that it may act as a very effective scavenger of toxic free radicals from environmental sources or those that are normally reproduced within the body itself.
● These cells have been Oxygen supplements starved so long that they have undergone a metabolic shift and revert to a metabolism without Oxygen supplements, called anaerobic metabolism. This is,of course the ultimate and last stage of degeneration caused by a low Oxygen supplements lifestyle.
● When the body encounters pathogens,(like viruses, fungi and bacteria,)in the bloodstream or in tissues,the immune system cells will surround or engulf these invaders.
● They then bombard these pathogens with self-generated free radicals called superoxides which scientists call O2.
● These superoxides are manufactured in the cells during normal cell metabolism using the Oxygen supplements they get from the red blood cells in the capillaries。
● If the immune system is working properly,as described earlier,it will generate more anti-oxidant enzymes to remove the free radicals to protect the surrounding tissues。
● The importance of this anti-oxidant defense system cannot be overstated。

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Oxygen supplements - EATING CHOLESTEROL

● Excessive consumption of cholesterol/fat-ridden foods robs Oxygen supplements from the bloodstream.
● Fats easily combine with Oxygen supplements and form free radicals.
● These free radicals use more Oxygen supplements to form peroxides that can damage and destroy cells.
● As far back as 1977, it was reported in the Scientific American (February issue) that cholesterol epoxide (peroxide) and other substances formed from oxidised cholesterol will cause cells to mutate, which may be a contributing cause of cancer.
● This is how over cooked fatty foods, which are consumed by many cause an Oxygen supplements deficiency that helps promote cancer.
● Thus cells that lose their ability to utilise Oxygen supplements and may become cancerous.
● These cells have been Oxygen supplements starved so long that they have undergone a metabolic shift and revert to a metabolism without Oxygen supplements, called anaerobic metabolism. This is, of course the ultimate and last stage of degeneration caused by a low Oxygen supplements lifestyle.
● It is also interesting that research shows that people who consume very large quantities of processed and oxidized fat have a far greater incidence of chronic and other degenerative diseases.
● When the body encounters pathogens, (like viruses, fungi and bacteria,) in the bloodstream or in tissues, the immune system cells will surround or engulf these invaders.
● They then bombard these pathogens with self-generated free radicals called superoxides which scientists call O2.
● These superoxides are manufactured in the cells during normal cell metabolism using the Oxygen supplements they get from the red blood cells in the capillaries.
● If the immune system is working properly, as described earlier, it will generate more anti-oxidant enzymes to remove the free radicals to protect the surrounding tissues.
● The importance of this anti-oxidant defense system cannot be overstated.
● Without it, the immune system actually works against the body by generating too many free radicals which will go about doing damage to the surrounding tissue and our bodies.
● Although there are other factors, this breakdown in the immune system in many people has helped to create an epidemic of auto-immune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

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Oxygen supplements: THE KILLER?

● Oxygen supplements is both a life giver as it also is a "killer".
● It is one of the body’s primary guardians and protectors against unfriendly bacteria and other disease organisms.
● In fact, one of Oxygen supplements’s major functions is disintegration.
● Brian Goulet, a Certified Herbologist and a Nutritional Consultant wrote in his article : The Magic of Aerobic Oxygen supplements, Rubble, garbage, toxins, refuse, debris, and anything useless are destroyed by Oxygen supplements and carried out of the system.
● Just as a clean house holds little interest to passing flies, likewise an Oxygen supplements rich body is a difficult fortress to assail.

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Oxygen supplements: VITAMIN “O”

● In view of all the scientific evidence available today, an excellent Oxygen supplements ratio in the bloodstream is a prime requirement for good health.
Stabilised Oxygen supplements supplements are packed with nutrient Oxygen supplements
Vitamin O – as Dr. Levine calls it.
● This Oxygen supplements certainly fits the definition of a vitamin which is a substance found in foods, (or the environment) and is necessary for life, but not necessarily manufactured by the body.
Vitamin O, the Oxygen supplements nutrient, Dr. Levine calls it the very spark of life!

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WHAT IS STABILISED Oxygen supplements?

● The current literature explains that nutritional Oxygen supplements can be either dissolved molecules of Oxygen supplements, (in various molecular configurations including O1, O2, O3, O4 etc.) or bio-available Oxygen supplements molecules electrically bound to numerous salts.
● These Oxygen supplements salts include magnesium, potassium and sodium provided their molecular bonds are easily weakened so that the Oxygen supplements molecules may be absorbed by the body into the bloodstream.
● The literature further explains that stabilised Oxygen supplements may be either in liquid or dry forms provided that in the dry form the Oxygen supplements molecules may be easily and readily made available to the body.
● Many Oxygen supplements supplements use oxychlorine or hypo-chloride compounds to stabilise the Oxygen supplements molecules. These compounds include chlorite (ClO2 ) and chlorate (ClO3).
● There is evidence to indicate that chlorite and chlorate may indeed release its Oxygen supplements in its nascent form as O2 into the body as these ions are broken down during the digestive process by hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach.

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● Dr. James Berg, states that stabilised Oxygen supplements may be found either in its molecular form, primarily O2 , and or in an Oxygen supplements compound primarily chlorine dioxide or chlorite (ClO2)
● Rodrigo Rodriguez, M. D. (Medical Director of American Biologics Hospitals), in a report for the prestigious Robert W. Bradford Research Institute stated: Many substances are capable of releasing nascent Oxygen supplements such as chloride oxides, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and iodine compounds. A comparison may be made of these substances on the basis of their stability and toxicity as well as pharmacopeia properties (how it reacts with the body).
● Commonly used oxidants as described by Brian Goulet, Certified Herbologist in the newsletter (Alive: Focus on Nutrition which was published by the Canadian Journal of Health and Nutrition) includes oxides of Oxygen supplements (ClO2, ClO, ClO3, ClO4 etc.) ozone (O3) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).
● Mr. "Oxygen supplements" Ed McCabe himself wrote: The so called stabilised Oxygen supplements products are actually salts of Oxygen supplements diluted in water!
● The majority of these are safe if used as directed, yet potent oxidisers and sometimes they contain various proprietary additives to enhance their effectiveness.
● They are essentially a formulation, mixing a solution of mildly buffered sodium chlorite (ClO2) with deionised water.
● These products are usually weakly buffered to an alkaline pH of around 12% or in some cases as high as 13.5% actually comparable in alkalinity to drain cleaners or other strong alkaline cleaning substances.
● James Lembreck, D. C. H., C.M.P. wrote in Natural Physique: Stabilised Oxygen supplements is often confused with hydrogen peroxide, but has a very different action and is very safe to use.
● The product was originally developed by Dr. William F. Koch, M.D. and Ph.D., and was later used by the NASA for the space research program. It was originally designed to destroy any known bacteria or virus and not harm the host when taken internally or used externally.

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Oxygen supplements STARVATION

● Our bodies are now experiencing Oxygen supplements starvation on a daily basis. The following factors rob Oxygen supplements from our bodies:
Toxic Stress
● Whether derived from the water we drink, the air we breath or the food we eat, we are now subject to over 70,000 different toxic contaminates, many that did not exist a decade ago. Oxygen supplements is required for the body to even attempt to metabolise and eliminate these lethal chemicals from the body.
Emotional Stress
● Adrenaline and adrenaline related hormones are created by the body during emotionally stressful times (like every day, for many of us). The body must use its available Oxygen supplements to metabolise those chemicals back out of the body to re-establish metabolic balance.
Physical Trauma & Infections
● Bacteria and viruses can put tremendous stress on the body’s immune system. When this occurs, the immune system is robbed of the Oxygen supplements that is necessary for the body’s normal metabolic function.
Reduction in available atmospheric Oxygen supplements
● Studies reveal that increased environmental pollution and green plant destruction has reduced the amount of Oxygen supplements (by as much as 50%!) in our atmosphere in industrial cities, over the last 200 years.

Improper Diets 
● Oxidized saturated fats can reduce Oxygen supplements in the blood stream. Foods with high fat contents and low nutritional values, (i.e. junk and highly processed foods) have less than half of the Oxygen supplements content than do foods containing complex carbohydrates.
Lack of Exercise
● Exercising increases the body’s metabolic rate as well as the intake of Oxygen supplements to help cleanse the body of built up toxins. A sedentary lifestyle reduces the body’s ability to process out toxic contaminates and to perform normal metabolic functions.

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Physiological Performance Trial

PILOT STUDY: Effect of Liquid Oxygen supplements on some indices physiological performance in trained athletes.
oxygen supplement


- Suppressed accumulation of blood lactate
- Increased aerobic performance


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The Suntory Study: The Affect of Stabilized Oxygen supplements on the Partial Pressure of Oxygen supplements in Arterial Blood
Note:Aquagen® is an American product, similar to Oxyrich®. Oxyrich is approximately 40% stronger than the American Equivalent Aquagen® at the time of the study, according to the Australia manufactures of Oxyrich.
● Suntory International performed an independent study on stabilized Oxygen supplements (Aquagen formula) to determine whether the partial pressure of Oxygen supplements in arterial blood (PaO2) in the forearm after rest would change following the oral consumption of Aquagen stabilized Oxygen supplements formulation.
- Three healthy males were tested before and after consuming the solution over a period of 240 minutes.
- The dosage was 6 ml of di-atomic Oxygen supplements per person.
Suntory's conclusion:
● "Each subject's partial pressure of Oxygen supplements was relatively stable prior to consumption, but then rose immediately after consumption. The partial pressure of Oxygen supplements peaked 90 to 120 minutes after consumption, after which it gradually dropped, eventually reaching its pre-consumption level.
oxygen supplement

SOURCE: Suntory Interntional of Japan: May 2, 1996

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● Melanie Baker and Professor Martin Sillence Centre for Immunoregulation Charles Sturt University September 1998:
● This trial refers to 52 horses of approximate equal weight, were evaluated over a 6 month period at an oral dosage rate of 50ml’s Diatomic Oxygen supplements with a v/v of approximately 10% free solids of Oxygen supplements and the blood taken every 15 minutes to evaluate the po2 level.
● The average increase for the total trial was a 4.5% increase for up to 1 hour after 1 oral dose of Diatomic Oxygen supplements.

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‘Toxicity Report by SGS Company on (AO2) Diatomic Oxygen supplements’
● On January 27th 1998 it was concluded that Diatomic Oxygen supplements was not shown to be a skin irritant, an eye irritant nor a skin sensitizing agent. 
● When the submitted sample was administered as specified to the test animals orally at 5.0 g/kg, dermal at 2.0 g/kg and via inhalation at 14.6 mg/liter, no toxicity was observed in the test animals.
● These administered doses are generally regarded as acute bench mark doses and the reported findings suggested that the submitted sample, when tested as specified, was not considered to be toxic by the appropriate agencies.
● In addition, that there were general weight gain in most test animals further supported the conclusion.

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● The average recommended dose of a 15% strength Diatomic Oxygen supplements for chronic energy depleted states, is a minimum of 5ml three times a day added to drinking water, prior to meals.
● 5ml for acute conditions can be taken on the hour, rarely causes nausea because of the neutral pH safe to gargle neat & swallow.
● Sodium Chlorite on the other hand can cause severe nausea if taken at a similar dose rate, mainly because of the high pH.
● A maintenance dose can be as little as 10-15 drops each day, especially if the patient has reached a healthy level of 98% PO2 and can maintain this between visits.

Additional Information

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What You Should Know
About Oxygen supplements


Vital for Life
Singlet Oxygen supplements
Reduction in available atmospheric Oxygen supplements.
Add to water as a sterilizing agent.

◆ Spray on the skin to assist healing and help remove pathogens that may cause pimples.
◆ Dab or spray on the skin in case of burns and ulceration, to help improve skin hygiene and cool the skin. Allow to dry before applying antiseptic or healing creams.
◆ Spray on to a tooth brush to help remove air born bacteria and beneficial to gum hygiene, whilst brushing with stabilised Oxygen supplements.

 Oxygen supplements Starvation
Toxic stress
Emotional stress 
Physical trauma and infections 
Reduction in available atmospheric Oxygen supplements 
Increase in Automobile Carbon Monoxide
Lack of Exercise
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What’s unique about Oxyrich? Australia’s leading stabilized Oxygen supplements supplement
Advertorial from Reach For Life, the manufacturers of Oxyrich in Australia

The Oxygen supplements o2 (diatomic) in Oxyrich has been developed by a natural process that doesn’t use chemicals or their salts, Di-Atomic Oxyrich can be absorbed through mucous membranes (sublingual) without requiring further digestion as is the case with old technology products used around the world using chemical salts such as NaCLO2 and Sodium chlorate etc.
Raising Oxygen supplements levels with natural diatomic Oxygen supplements via the digestive process is the most efficient method of temporarily boosting Oxygen supplements in the plasma and may help boost the release of anoxic gases like carbon monoxide (CO) from the blood. High levels of CO can be the major inhibitor of full blood saturation of diatomic Oxygen supplements from the air we breathe, and be the major cause of hypoxia, which is a lack of Oxygen supplements and cell level. Oxyrich is a real performance enhancer, by raising partial pressure (PO2) levels in the blood, from one dose for up to two hours.

Oxyrich is safe. Unlike other “old technology” products, which may be as high in pH as 13 and could be potentially hazardous and cause nausea if undiluted, Oxyrich is pH balanced and proven non-toxic. It may serve to help improve digestion if hypoxia or overgrowth of pathogens in the stomach is the cause of sluggish digestion. It may help strengthen nerve pathways of the intestines and prevent acidosis.

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oxygen supplement
Recommended Serving: 5ml in drinking water  - between meals twice per day.
Oxygen supplements supplementation may improve vitamin and nutrient absorption along with increasing energy and may prevent excess lactic acid        production in the  muscles from exertion after exercise.
Each 5ml dose contains: Di-Atomic Oxygen supplements Molecules (O2) in a  solution of  Demineralised Grander Living Water & Atlantic Sea Salt. Min. 15% v/v O2
  Available in 50ml, 200ml, 500ml and 1Lt sizes.




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The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
is small, has low power consumption, easy-to-use and convenient to carry.
Place your finger in the Oximeter and a light sensitive probe will read and display the SPO2 measurement on the indicator. 
The fingertip pulse oximeter contains a dual light source and photo-detector.  Bone, tissue, pigmentation, and venous vessels normally absorb a constant amount of light over time.  The arteriolar bed normally pulsates and absorbs variable amounts of light during systole and diastole, as blood volume increases and decreases.  The ratio of light absorbed as systole and diastole is translated into an Oxygen supplements saturation measurement.  This measurement is referred to as SPO2.


oxygen supplement



oxygen supplement 

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 The first step in understanding how OXYRICH does what it does for a person is to appreciate the unique bio-electrical manufacturing process.

Put simply, purified water (cleansed of all organic compounds and impurities) with a little salt added (to facilitate an electrolyte solution) is exposed to a serious electric charge. This process of electrolysis progressively "de-composes" the water by removing hydrogen from the H20 and by uniquely bonding the surplus Oxygen supplements molecules together, enabling the solution to remain stable whilst "super concentrating" the Oxygen supplements level.

This procedure increases the Oxygen supplements from that which is found in tap water (about 8 parts per million) and multiplied up to the OXYRICH solution of 50,000 parts per million (5% of total volume). The Oxygen supplements is "stabilised" (meaning 'locked in' to solution and prevented from becoming a 'gas') Samples from the OXYRICH Production Facility have been shown by independent laboratories to remain stable for at least two years in the unopened container and eight months in the opened container.This represents a world first breakthrough not only due to the stable qualities of OXYRICH but due to the pH of 7.9 to 8.2 which makes it safe to drink!
Older technologies require a chemical process that results in potentially toxic pH of 2.4 (H2O2) or pH of 12.5 (chemical salts products)
which means only a few drops are safe to ingest.  

Typically atmospheric Oxygen supplements (a gas) is delivered to the body via the lungs. In contrast, Oxyrich (although rich in Oxygen supplements) is not a gas, it is an aqueous solution and like all solutions (eg water, alcohol etc) is absorbed via the gastro-intestinal tract, across the gastric membrane.  

Dr. Dosbach Explains (~ 5min)

For the full interview about Oxyrich and the effects of Oxygen supplements supplementation go to the Dr. Donsbach page

As the gastric membrane is similar in nature to the tissues of the lungs it is probable that Oxygen supplements 'locked in solution' crosses over into the blood stream in the same way and this by-passes the first two steps of aerobic respiration (ventilation / gas exchange).  

The Oxygen supplements in a 10ml dose of Oxyrich whilst not in itself a lot of Oxygen supplements (1.5ml) compared to normal respiratory Oxygen supplements is however in a very concentrated form (15%) in the solution.  

Research conducted in Japan, USA, UK and Australia has shown that following the use of (between 5% and 15% versions) OXYRICH and dosages of 6-15ml, marked increases in the partial pressure of arterial Oxygen supplements (POZ), of around 5%-8% have been measured. 

In addition, exercise testing at Victoria University in Australia and the University of Hull in the UK during 2005 have shown an increase of between 3 and 6% increase in Oxygen supplements uptake at the an-aerobic threshold. This increase of usable Oxygen supplements would reduce times by 3 minutes per hour for an elite tri-athlete (cycle leg) and is in the order of 150-200ml per minute increased Oxygen supplements uptake. Given that the OXYRICH dose of 10ml would only account for 1.5ml of OZ, the enhanced performance must be due to a secondary mechanism.  

HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING? Exercise physiologists have been aware for a long time that a phenomenon known as "de-saturation" exists among some athletes where the haemoglobin 'dumps' Oxygen supplements into the muscles, thus increasing the Oxygen supplements available to the muscles without increasing cardio-respiratory rates. A similar event may be encouraged by taking OXYRICH prior to the intense exercise event. This could explain the disproportionate OZ metabolism (150-200mllmin) from ingesting only 1.5ml from a 10ml dose of OXYRICH.  


Observers of Oxygen supplements therapy, using traditional forms of O2 in solution (hydrogen peroxide) even in very small doses (5 drops) have recorded changes to enzyme 2,3 DPG, in the haemoglobin this can lead to a shift in the 'HbO2' dissociation curve to the left and by speeding up the delivery of Oxygen supplements to the muscle tissues, improve the efficiency of existing haemoglobin and cardio-respiratory functions.  

This is being conducted at Victoria and Monash Universities to investigate the possible link between SPORTS Oxyrich (Oxyrich), Enzyme 2,3 DPG and the enhanced performance reported by elite athletes and observed in the laboratory trials in the UK, USA and Australia.