oxygen. breathe it. drink it.

Our bodies depend on a constant source of oxygen to survive. Oxygen 4 Life products are unique in assisting oxygen to the bloodstream. Oxygen regenerates the body and mind, bringing a wealth of life-enhancing benefits to all. From performance athletes to sufferers of arthritis, from regular gym-goers to those in pursuit of perfect skin, a Oxygen 4 Life product exists to meet your needs.

Many factors affect the levels of oxygen in the body...

• Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood; So Oxygen 4 Life oxygen products can be of assistance to smokers.

• High intake of alcohol depletes the body's level of oxygen, and builds up the density between the molecules of blood, causing a deficiency of oxygen being carried to all cells in the body, including the brain. This may lead to hangovers. In supplementing the body's oxygen, Oxygen 4 Life products helps put back the oxygen depleted by alcohol.

• People living in polluted areas , or regularly driving through polluted areas, can be oxygen deficient. Oxygen 4 Life products assists in restoring blood oxygen levels.

• Toxic stress depletes oxygen in the body. Whether derived from water, air or food, we are now subject to over 700,000 different toxic contaminates, many of which did not exist a decade ago. Oxygen is required for the normal body processes to even attempt to metabolise and eliminate these lethal chemicals.

• Emotional stress depletes oxygen in the body. Adrenaline and adrenaline-related hormones are created during emotionally stressful times. Oxygen plays a role in the body's processes that metabolise those chemicals back out of the body to re-establish metabolic balance.

Physical trauma and infections deplete the oxygen in the body. Bacteria and viruses can put tremendous stress on the body's immune system, which is then robbed of oxygen necessary for the body's normal metabolic function.

Improper diets deplete the oxygen in the body. Saturated fats can reduce oxygen in the bloodstream. Foods with high fat content and low nutritional values (e.g. junk and highly processed foods) have less than half the oxygen content than that of foods containing complex carbohydrates. A sedentary lifestyle reduces the body's ability to process out toxic contaminants and to perform normal metabolic functions.

As we grow old we tend to have poorer diets and everything, including our digestion and metabolism, is less efficient. We're more prone to a whole range of health issues. Our bodies require all of the nutritional support possible to help fight back. The healthier we are, the more responsive our immune system is, and conversely, the more toxic we are the more open to health challenges we are. Providing our bodies with an abundant source of the vital nutritional food, oxygen allows the basic building blocks of our health to do their work.
People living at higher altitudes need more oxygen.

Oxygen for Life

the importance of oxygen

Our bodies and brains depend on the atmosphere for oxygen to keep them healthy and energised. We cannot live without oxygen. In fact oxygen is essential for 90% of our energy production. But today’s stressful and polluted environment is causing increasing oxygen depletion and the associated risks to health and well-being.

Symptoms include:

• Overall body weakness

• Muscle aches

• Feeling ‘flat’ and listless

• Fatigue

• Impaired concentration

what are the benefits?

Everyone can benefit from the restorative powers of Oxygen. It counters the many harmful effects of modern life that leave us feeling flat, lacking in energy and susceptible to illness.

• Improves the state of mind and promotes general well-being

• Assists recovery from fatigue or illness

• Alleviates emotional stress and stimulates the metabolism

• Detoxifies the body from drinking, smoking and poor diet

• Optimises energy levels