NicerWeigh + WalkaWeigh Pack

Healthy Weight and Better Energy AUD $ 75.00

A combination pack of NicerWeigh  + WalkaWeigh  to help support healthy weight and better energy levels.

NicerWeigh is a delicious and extremely effective formula that can be used to maintain healthy weight. NicerWeigh has a full body and richness of taste and flavour to satisfy the most discerning palate.

  • Rich in high quality protein (~58% protein)
  • Highly abundant in soluble fibre (~11.5%)
  • Packed with prebiotics for intestinal health
  • No added Casein, Gluten, Soy, GMO Ingredients
  • Free of Artificial Sweeteners, Colours, Flavours and Preservatives
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WalkaWeigh is a unique, light and refreshing protein drink to sip during the day or whilst exercising. It is a revolutionally blend of proteins, minerals and amino acids which target energy metabolism. May increase energy, enhance muscular performance, may help reduce fatigue, improve recovery, help burn calories & assists metabolism of stored fats to energy.

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1. NicerWeigh Rich Chocolate & WalkaWeigh Citrus

2. NicerWeigh Rich Chocolate & WalkaWeigh Tropical

3. NicerWeigh Vanilla Delight & WalkaWeigh Citrus

4. NicerWeigh Vanilla Delight & WalkaWeigh Tropical