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NANBAO - the DYNAMIC lifter in a capsule

A ancient traditional Chinese Medicine terms Nan Bao tonifies Yang Qi which essentially strengthens and repairs circulation, helps relieve pain in the back and knees, enhances sex drive, vitality and fertility.

Nanbao tones the blood circulation thereby reducing numbness, pins & needles, headaches and also helps relieve insomnia

NanBao , because of its thermagraphic capabilities treats the cause of lost libido and returns both women and men to their full sexual vigor. 

NanBao is the number one selling health product in China and Japan with over 150,000 packs sold a day. Nanbao has evolved from being a highly guarded health and vitality formula that was prepared only for the select few of the Imperial Courts, to a ready available and most effective product for everyone.



We apologise as this product is no longer available

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