Colostrum Super Food

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More about Colostrum….

HealthWise® Colostrum is 100% pure colostrum powder, sourced exclusively from the pristine Oceanic regions of Australia & New Zealand.  Colostrum from this region is world renowned for its superior quality. At HealthWise® we place a high value on sustainable farming practices and ensure that our Colostrum is harvested from pasture fed cattle. Pasture fed dairy herds develop immunity to a wider range of pathogens than those which are fed processed feed or receive artificial hormone supplements.



  • ·         Pasture fed cattle
  • ·         Certified free of diseases such as BSE (mad cow disease)
  • ·         No artificial hormones or additives
  • ·         Low in fat and lactose
  • ·         Rich in growth factors and immunoglobulins (IgG)


    This highly nutritious, protein-rich powder is derived from the first milking and is guaranteed to be of premium quality. We only choose colostrum which is carefully harvested during and processed and packaged at low temperatures to ensure maximum integrity and bio-activity.




    • ·         Manufactured in state of the art production facilities without the use of additives or artificial ingredients, our Colostrum is lactose & fat reduced and rich in bioactive compounds, including immunoglobulins (IgG). – approx 20% IgG
    • ·         No freezing of the freshly collected bovine colostrum which can destroy valuable enzymes .
    • ·         Each batch is subjected to laboratory analysis using internationally recognized procedures.
    • ·         Store in a cool and dry place below 30°C.



Colostrum Powder

Reach For Life is a leading provider of HealthWise Colostrum powder. Sourced from Australia and New Zealand, regions renowned for their superior colostrum powder, our powder helps build up anti-bodies and proteins. HealthWise Colostrum is harvested from pasture-fed cattle and we are committed to sustainable farming practices.