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OxyMin® Colostrum: Pure Premium Powder
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OxyMin® Colostrum: 100% Pure Premium Colostrum is collected from first milking only.

  • First Milking Colostrum
  • Low-heat Processing
  • Fat Reduced
  • High Protein

OxyMin® Colostrum: 100% Pure Premium Colostrum is collected from first milking only, harvested within 16 hours of parturition (calving).      
Colostrum from the first milking has significantly higher levels of proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs), immunoglobulins (Ig), and other important nutrient factors.
Processed using low-heat flash pasteurization & indirect drying to preserve efficacy and bio-activity, the colostrum is then fat reduced to concentrate protein levels (approx 64%) and maintain the PRPs.

  •   Our OxyMin® Colostrum is collected from first milking colostrum (8-16 hours after birth of the calf) year-round from large local dairy farms, between 5,000 – 16,000 cows.
  •   These cows are fed by grasses grown at or near the dairy and the feed is transported within 2 miles to the cows.
  •   All supplying dairies certify that the cows are free from Hormones, BSE, rBGH and antibiotics at time of calving.  Our manufacturer is annually audited for BSE compliance.
  •    All agglomerated and non-instantized colostrum products are from bovine animals, free from GMO, and dairies collected are form herds that have not been exposed to any form of gene therapy. 
  •   The suppliers certify they do not add melamine nor hydrolyzed leather protein to the raw colostrum. 
  •   Our manufacturer’s Quality Control Department  confirms these results in-house and independently in certified laboratories.
  •   Suppliers guarantee they do not use estradiol or prolactin in the food chain. 
  •   Our manufacturer does not irradiate any of its colostrum powders fit for human consumption

OxyMin® Colostrum is critically controlled at every step of production, sampled, tested and analyzed by advanced  Chromatography technology to ensure a pure,  nutrient dense and microbially safe product for you to enjoy!
SERVING SUGGESTION:  Add 1 teaspoon to food, water, milk or your favourite beverage.



Colostrum Powder

Reach For Life is a leading provider of HealthWise Colostrum powder. Sourced from Australia and New Zealand, regions renowned for their superior colostrum powder, our powder helps build up anti-bodies and proteins. HealthWise Colostrum is harvested from pasture-fed cattle and we are committed to sustainable farming practices.